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Hi, my name is Oldschool

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Relationship Status happy
Other details From the wild nights of n.y.c to the quiet solitude of back woods living,I found my contentment. A collector of vhs and dvd sci-fi and horror my current interests are toho movies, doctor who,(all of them) and horror hosted show which Mr Lobo by far is the best. Plastic statues and some vintage toys have entered my collection as well as comic books because it's all about the memories. That sickness called nostalgia
My occupation is Direct Care.
Favorite movies Gojira, Rocky Horror,Judge Dredd,(original),The Mist,The Ten commandments. Godzilla vs the smog monster.The Avengers(marvel) Circle of Iron, Waiting for godot, robot monster,Kung fu Hustle. The list goes on and on.. but I seek out sci fi before 1980, toho movies and the bbc t.v. shows
Favorite music I quit my job to go to a DEVO concert in Central Park nyc. in the 80's, Meatloaf, Trans siberian orchestra,Macy gray,Neil Young, ..Old Punk ,Classic Rock Blues
Favorite books Religous and spiritual Books , Motivational books, comic books from 1967 to 1988. paranormal and ufo books.

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