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Hi, my name is MrLobo

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Homepage www.cinemainsomnia.com
Gender male
Relationship Status Married
Other details Mr. Lobo is a Sacramento born artist, writer, and comedic actor best known as the horror host of the nationally syndicated television series Cinema Insomnia which is now celebrating it’s 10th anniversary. You can watch Cinema Insomnia here on LoboVision! When he is not sitting in his rocking chair hosting misunderstood movies, he’s writing scripts, getting ready for the monster apocalypse, creating advertising art, collecting Ferrante and Teicher albums, animating cartoons, hunting down C.H.U.D., publishing comics and going on wild and wacky adventures with his new bride. He is the Publisher and co-creator of Horror Hosts and Creature Features
My occupation is Horror Host
My job Cinema Insomnia
Horror Hosts and Creature Features
Church of Ed Wood
Church of the SubGenius
My school Edward D. Wood Jr. College
Favorite movies Plan 9 from Outer Space
Return of The Living Dead
Brain that Wouldn't Die
Invisible Man
Favorite music DEVO
Ferrante and Teicher
Joi Lansing
Favorite books Horror Hosts and Creature Features magazine
John Stanley's Creature Features Movie Guide
What You Should Know About Carpet
Book of the SubGenius

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