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Hi, my name is DixieDellamorto

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Homepage www.horrorhostmagazine.com
Gender female
Relationship Status Married
Other details Dixie Dellamorto is California Transplant from the East Coast. She was raised by a television and some dusty old comic books — Rod Serling, a father figure telling moral and character building tales, Elvira was the ultra cool aunt who let her stay up way past her bedtime to watch B-Movies, Uncle Creepy was her creepy uncle who she didn’t want to be alone with for too long, and Grandpa Munster was hercleaver old Grandpa with a mischievous grin and a kind heart. Growing up in a nurturing and supportive environment resulted in Dixie becoming a full-time artist and creative producer. She creates daily and sells her art on her etsy shop and at events. She is the editor and co-creator of Horror Hosts and Creature Features
My occupation is Artist
My job Cinema Insomnia
Horror Hosts and Creature Features
My school Edward D. Wood Jr. College
Favorite movies Phantasm
Forbidden Zone
Phantom of the Paradise
Shock Treatment
Favorite music DEVO
Frank Zappa
Talking Heads
Mike Patton
Favorite books Horror Hosts and Creature Features
Creepy Magazine
Shade the Changing Man
Inside Pee-Wee's Playhouse

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