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Gender female
Relationship Status Iwould tell you but then I'd have to kill you. lol
Other details Im twice exceptional which means alot more than it sounds. It sounds conceited almost but I have strengths in art and concepts. I write for screen and stage, childrens books , poetry and art published Im a bit different. Im a musican as well play bass drums and guitar and even led as front vocalist for a original gimic band in which we opened up for greg kihn and the tubes at bolado park in holister, 1998, 8000 people or bikers were there. I love to create and be creative most of all Godzilla rocks my world and alien, Riddick and other like anti villians alike. Im humerous but Im a bit freakish. Im grateful I was born with a gift to draw better than classmates, Also love meeting people like me and in the bussiness of entertainment.
My occupation is freelance writer. concept artist and comdian when I get the chance to pull an open mike somewhere.
My job guitars not guns, wolf conservatory.
the comp corner.
My school deans westside beauty college.
penn foster- floral designer- acreddited.
Favorite movies immortal, alien, star wars, riddick, pitch black. exorcist, all vincent and tim burton movies. and so many I cant list.
k-pax, american beauty, etc etc.
Favorite music hector berlios
iron maiden
michael jackson.
danny elfman
los staightjackets
the mermen
so many more
jimi hendix
sexx kittens- was our band. lol
tom landry
phil salgado
pink floyd
Favorite books Edgar Allen Poe - complete tales and sonnets.
the complete godzilla comendemen
hp. lovecraft.

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