Bucket of Blood: Cinema Insomnia

Bucket of Blood: Cinema Insomnia

Be a nose...c'mon be a nose!

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Be a nose...c'mon be a nose!

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  • Princeeverlove
    Princeeverlove · 1753 days ago

    Wow. Quite "Cormanesque" in its sumptuous black 'n white overtones of poetical musings interladen with playdough abstracts that entrance the eye and yet at the same time beguiles one to lower the head toward a brick wall and ever so forcefully bash it in as to express the emotions evoked when gazing upon this underbelly of cinematical chaos. I do hope I brought some semblence of Beatnik Expressionism through this lengthy yet necessary analyzing of a Roger "B-King" Corman celluoid. (The Intermissions were a Movie in themselves-which was a very good thing!)

  • TalkyTina
    TalkyTina · 1771 days ago

    This has got to be my favorite B movie. Actually, as far as I'm concerned, it's an A movie ! Thanks Mr. Lobo,

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