First Spaceship on Venus

First Spaceship on Venus

Cinema Insomnia First Spaceship on Venus full episode

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Cinema Insomnia First Spaceship on Venus full episode

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  • tmedley1
    tmedley1 · 1703 days ago

    Hooray for Déjà vu vision! I like how the theme of this episode is the reuse of old footage from Voyage to the prehistoric planet as a running gag. Bat Girl hanging out with Mrs. Olsen is always a treat. This one starts out with the best. My hero Rad Abrams!

    If you ever have the opportunity to see the original version "The Silent Star" its worth reading the english subtitles to see the whole story. It was restored and subtitled by the University of Massachusetts Amherst and was one of several soviet sci-fi films looked at by Stanley Kubrick when he was planning 2001.

  • Princeeverlove
    Princeeverlove · 1753 days ago

    Love the Movie,the Shorts and the overall feel of this Effort! It reminds me of the "MonsterVision: Roadtrip To Space!" Marathon on TNT back in 1994. Thanks for bringing back those memories and adding so much motre to them. In the years ahead I'll be telling others, "I remember on LoboVision in 2012 when Mr.Lobo..." New Memories being made on here-LoboVision is a "Renaissance of Cinema Classics" if you will.

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