Creature - Cinema Insomnia

Creature - Cinema Insomnia

Cinema Insomnia Creature - full episode

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Cinema Insomnia Creature - full episode

Comments: 3

  • MrLobo
    MrLobo · 1489 days ago

    Thanks Sailordude! You obviously have great taste. Mr. Lobo enjoys the Mitch O'Connell Popeye art for your profile pic.

  • sailordude
    sailordude · 1493 days ago

    That was one bad film, but great Horror Host!

  • Princeeverlove
    Princeeverlove · 1741 days ago

    Did the woman in black leather resemble Tim Curry in "Rocky Horror Picture Show" or was that the effects of too much Code Red Soda? Loved the Space Oddyssey-inspired Suits, Alien-uninspired atmosphere,and just happy Mr.Lobo saved us from certain and impending demise at the clutches of this Ridley Scott-less celluoid!

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